CANADIAN DOMESTIC SHIP: CollidEscape High-Performance BirdTape™ USD – Now available shipped from within Canada



THIS CART SPECIFICALLY OFFERS DISCOUNTED SHIPPING OF TAPES FOR CANADIAN SHIPPING FREE OF ADDITIONAL TARIFFS: do not combine with other guaranteed or pattern solutions which must be ordered separately for an accurate cost.

Other solutions offered are shipped from the States & may experience 3-7 day (typical) customs delay


“Thanks so much- this is SO easy to install, I decided to keep going and do all the windows on my house with 3” spacing, and I am hoping to help my family do all their windows in the future once they see how easy this is! – Robin S. -Myers, Florida”

Collidescape High-Performance BirdTapetm adheres to the exterior glass surface of a window. In addition to spacing each strip between 2″ to no more than 4″ apart, thousands of small perforations in the tape allow ample light to pass through the window to the interior, while reducing reflections and transparency – the two characteristics that cause birds to collide with windows.

  • Designed to reduce bird/glass collisions while preserving our view of the outdoors
  • Designed for DIY application to the EXTERIOR of windows, apply in vertical or horizontal patterns no more than 4″ apart
  • Apply to dry clean window – FREE! Spacing card for repeating strips across window included at no charge with every order.
  • Choose white or Clear: The clear is thought by Ornithologists to be perceived the same as spider webs, and birds avoid it much as humans do – they don’t like preening web out of their feathers any more than we like pulling it out of our hair. From the inside, the clear is noticeable, though – it is like looking through a lightly frosted pane.
    The White has white on the side facing out, and black on the adhesive side, this is so from the inside you only see the black of the adhesive, engineered so that your eye naturally focuses past the black to see the view outdoor as if looking through nylon screen or tint – -White is ideal for upper windows where migratory strikes can occur, providing greater visibility from a distance and at night.
  • Choose from 3/4″ or 3″ width strips
  • Each roll treats 3 – 5, 24″ x 32″ windows (depending on application pattern)
  • Contact us for quantity or custom orders
  • Not suitable for Territorial Aggression. If birds are attacking your windows choose a product listed here.
  • PRO TIP: the tapes are simply slit from our full coverage 10-year guaranteed products, so last just as long, Remember – with the gaps of exposed glass, the tapes are collision REDUCTION solutions. We recommend application every 4″ vertically as a 50% collision preventive, but some chose to apply every 3″, or even every 2″ thereby increasing the performance by about 20% for each inch closer the stripes are applied!

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
19mm x 12.2m BirdTape™

19mm x 12.2m (3/4" x 40') BirdTape (White) (USD), 19mm x 12.2m (3/4" x 40') BirdTape (Clear) (USD)


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